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What Endometriosis Feels Like


The pain is deep and heavy, almost as though I’m being pulled down by gravity. It’s a soreness, sometimes a pinch or a twinge or even a stab - but nearly always it is just deep and full, almost like a moan that stays always in a low octave. There are times, at night as I find I can’t move because it has pulled me down against my bed, where I find that I, too, must audibly groan. Almost as though I’m harmonizing with the depth of the painful chord inside.

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Because I think this is really important.

Please don’t be afraid to question what you’ve been taught; don’t be afraid to question circumcision. Research!! We need this information to spread. We need normal, intact penises normalized. We need to stop the unnecessary genital cutting of all sexes.

I can say for a fact : if we have a boy, he will NOT be cut. Nope.

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